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One holiday alone will not be enough to discover all that Carinthia has to offer. It's not just the more than one hundred most popular excursion destinations, it's above all the many gems that are often hidden in the farthest villages and valleys! Go on a voyage of discovery! Here you will find a small selection of our recommendations.

Ossiach Abbey

The oldest Benedictine monastery in Carinthia

Founded in the 11th century as a pillar basilica, Ossiach Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery that you can reach from us in just a few minutes' walk. After a fire in the 15th century, it was rebuilt in Gothic style and almost completely renovated in Baroque style in the 18th century. The tomb of the Polish King Boleslaus on the north side is a popular destination for many travellers. The Carinthian Summer was founded here in Ossiach Abbey in 1969 and is now one of the most important Austrian music festivals.

Carinthia's Castles & Palaces

Of princes, knights and damsels

For 1000 years and more, they have shaped the landscape of Carinthia, mighty and heroic. Magnificent castles that represented the wealth of former princes or knight's castles with their often eerie history. Landskron Castle, with its eagle watch and monkey mountain, is located nearby, at the south-western end of Lake Ossiach. In addition to Carinthia's most famous castle, Hochosterwitz Castle, Glanegg Castle, Sommeregg Castle with its torture museum, Finkenstein or the castles in Friesach, there are no less than 200 fortified buildings scattered across the country.

Domenig stone house

Internationally respected and published worldwide

Between 1982 and 2008, Carinthian star architect Günther Domenig planned and realised his stone house in Steindorf on Lake Ossiach. It is located on a private lakeside property and is a destination for architecture lovers. Naturally, it is also one of Carinthia's best-known photo motifs. Stone, glass, concrete, chrome, rusty iron, slopes, peaks, cubes, pyramids.... All these elements make it something unique. Be sure to take a look!

Minimundus, the little world on Lake Wörthersee

Around the world in one day

After visiting Minimundus, you can justifiably say that you have seen the world! Currently, the 26,000 m2 park contains 159 miniature models of famous buildings, ships and trains from over 40 countries on all continents. This miniature world was built on a scale of 1:25 according to original plans and with original materials. In addition to the outdoor area, visitors can also enjoy a 1500 m2 indoor world of experience, a restaurant and café. By the way, the most expensive model so far was St. Peter's Basilica with a total cost of € 730,000.

With your visit you support young people and children in Carinthia. Minimundus is owned by the association RETTET DAS KIND Kärnten.

Pyramidenkogel Observation Tower

Carinthia seen from above

Not everyone wants to climb a mountain for a panoramic view. It can also be done more comfortably by lift and in sandals. The world's highest wooden observation tower, newly built in 2012 and almost 100 metres high, is located south of Lake Wörth and attracts thousands of visitors every year! The view from the viewing terraces is breathtaking. And you can go down again either by lift, on foot via the wind-protected stairs, or faster via the slide! The tower is particularly impressive in the evening when the colourful lighting is switched on and the silhouette is silhouetted against the night sky.

Carinthia's Panoramic Roads

Majestic, impressive, beautiful

Carinthia's panoramic roads are undoubtedly among the most beautiful Alpine roads of all! The most famous is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which connects Salzburg and Carinthia. But there's also the Nockalm Road, the Villach Alpine Road, the Goldeck Panorama Road and the Malta High Alpine Road. They all lead through breathtaking landscapes, through national parks with rugged mountains, green alpine pastures, crystal-clear mountain lakes. You see waterfalls, observe marmots or descend to a glacier. The uniqueness and beauty of these panoramic roads leaves a lasting, unforgettable impression on every visitor - whether hiker, motorist or biker!

Further information you can find at Kärnten Tourismus, Kärnten Card, or Region Villach App!

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