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Carinthia is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. But if you are looking for variety, you will appreciate the countless events. Party, culture, sports, customs, gourmet festivals and much more. Especially in summer you are spoilt for choice!

  • Musi Open Air

  • European Bike Week

  • Burgruine Finkenstein

  • Kranzlreiten in Weitensfeld

  • Villacher Kirchtag

  • Carinthischer Sommer in Ossiach

  • Kärntner Märkte

Event Land Carinthia

Here in the sunny south, events are on the agenda all year round. In terms of sports, summer is dominated by running and cycling events. But what is particularly important in summer is the culinary arts, which inspire almost all regions and municipalities to organise gourmet festivals. Speckfest, Polentafest, Pohaca- (Reindling-) Fest, Schinkenfest...

The biggest events in the country, known far beyond the borders, are the Musi Open-Air, the Ironman, the Harley Meeting, the Villacher Kirchtag, the Carinthian Summer and many more.

Traditional customs, theme parties, farmers', weekly and handicraft markets, as well as our famous meadow markets in St. Veit and Bleiburg are real crowd pullers. Browse through the event calendars, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

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