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Unbelievable how it tastes!

What makes a perfect holiday? A relaxed atmosphere in a great landscape, nice people, of course the weather and - especially - the good food! As we all know, it's not only the food that keeps body and soul together, it's the taste experiences that stay in your memory for a long time. Carinthia is culinarily blessed!

It makes your mouth water!

In Carinthia, specialities are called "Schmankalan"! There are many of them. Carinthian cuisine is a blend of traditional rural cuisine with influences from Italy and Slovenia, the famous Bohemian-Viennese cuisine and, of course, international cuisine. The food and drink on offer is therefore reflected in the many restaurants, inns, guesthouses, hotels or even "Buschenschanken" (traditional taverns). Just give it a try.
Here are some recommendations:

Slow Food is the world's largest movement for conscious eating and sustainable food production. A megatrend that has also long since gained a foothold in Carinthia. Take a culinary journey through Slow Food Carinthia!

The myth of Kasnudl

What does a typical Carinthian like to identify with most? With Kasnudel and with our famous former skiracer Franz Klammer. And when Franz Klammer also eats Kasnudel... It's unthinkable!

Kasnudl are a genuine Carinthian speciality. Also in their peculiar grammar. So there is only Kasnudl in singular and plural and never Kasnudln. As the name suggests, it is noodle(s) with curd cheese. And they are also not noodle(s) WITH cheese, but filled noodles - so cheese INSIDE the noodle(s). Kasnudl are distantly related to the Italian tortelloni. There is also no such thing as THE typical Kasnudl, because their wealth of variants is as varied as there are valleys in Carinthia. But all variations are based on a basic recipe: The noodle dough is made from wheat flour, egg, a spoonful of oil, water and salt, kneaded well, rolled out and filled according to the shape of the noodle. The filling consists of curd cheese, potatoes, sweated, finely chopped onions, salt, possibly some pepper and the typical flavour-giving herbs like mint and chervil. Whether you add breadcrumbs to the filling, change the ratio of curd cheese to potatoes, use leeks instead of onions, whether you refine the noodles after cooking in lightly simmering water with melted brown butter or lard and cracklings, and you enjoy sauerkraut or lettuce with it. "Krendeln" is also part of it (look at the photo). This is the artful, wreath-like sealing of the noodle. There used to be a saying in Carinthia: "A girl who can't handle it, gets no husband." Mockers say: "Today it would be the other way round!"

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